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Selasa, 24 Januari 2012

Lesson Plan

In every meeting in the class, teacher should have a preparation before start the class. So the teacher need a lesson plan to organize the instruction that will be given in the class. In making lesson plan the teacher should be detail for each instruction. Make sure that the lesson plan can be applied in the class. For example this my lesson lesson plan that I have been made during my mid semester examination ^^ If the picture is not clear you can click on the picture to see more closer.


Make concept map by Inspiration

Inspiration is a software that can help you to brainstroming, thinking, or to organize something. Inspiration also can help you to make concept map. For teacher it is really helpful to make concept map and also for learning process. To get this software you can click this link http://www.inspiration.com/Freetrial  you can only get 30 days trial version because you need buy this software to get the real one. After installed the software you can use it for 30 days. So use it wisely  ^^

This is the example of my concept map using inspiration

Make Presentation using Prezi

Mostly to make presentation, we usually use Microsoft Powerpoint. Maybe because in school we learn the software that provide for presentation is just Microsoft Powerpoint. Because it's easy to use and also it's already installed in our PC or laptop. But if you want something new in your presentation, there is a software that can help you make a presentation with 2.5 D effect and zooming. The software name is Prezi. You can visit the website in http://prezi.com/ then in the website you can create your own presentation. But before that you should register first. In Prezi you can register freely. To join the site, you can follow the direction below :

 First visit the Prezi website by click this link http://prezi.com/ 

after that click " Sign Up " in top right corner of the homepage

Then there will be some options to pick the lincense. I suggest you pick the free one but the choice is yours ^^

Next fill the registration form

Don't forget to click the term of use after that click " Register and Continue"

Finally your Prezi account has been created, for the next step you can start make Prezi by clicking " New Prezi " or if you want to learn first, you can click " Learn ".

When you have done make a Prezi, you can download your Prezi to your computer by clicking " download ". To play your Prezi you need flashplayer. For example you can see my Prezi by click this link http://prezi.com/vgisbnaeyzvv/problem-with-ict/

Good Luck ^^

Senin, 23 Januari 2012

Save and Share the Webpages by Delicious

Hello guys did you know about Delicious ? Okay let me tell you about Delicious. Delicious is a website that provide the users to save the webpages in a bookmark and tag each of their bookmarks . Also the users can tag the bookmarks to the other users.
If you want to get the account, you can sign up for free. To create the account, I have a several step that can help you :
Step 1. Click the enter the website click this link http://delicious.com/ then will appear the homepage below :

Step 2. Click Join in top right corner. 

Step 3. Fill the form then click " Join Delicious " delicious just like picture below

Step 4. Type the words that have been given then click "No Robots Here". By clicking that you are indicating that you have read and agree to the terms of service. See the picture below.

Step 5. Finally your Delicious account is created then there will be 3 options to get started using Delicious.

For the next step the website will give the direction how use it. To give the example of  Delicious account please visit my Delicious account by click this URL http://www.delicious.com/ramdz21. Then you can learn by yourself . Good Luck ^^

Minggu, 22 Januari 2012


Hello guy's welcome to The Shades of Grey blog ^^ ... Actually in this blog I will post about something that maybe can help you to get some new information and hopefully it can be useful for you and also you can use this blog for sharing too. If there are some mistakes in this blog, please let me know by give a comment that can help me as the author to build this blog to be better than before. Thank you for your attention and see you 

please enjoy this blog ... ^^